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By transforming waste materials into useable resources, recycling reduces landfill and conserves resources, provides a way to manage solid waste while reducing pollution, conserving energy, creating jobs and building more competitive manufacturing industries.

We all want to make a difference for now & into the future .

Here are some ways in which we can all be responsible & that will continually improve your environmental footprint.

My commitment to being greener is to share as much information as possible with you to make a more informed decision about ordering & using the eco friendly alternatives . I also encourage where ever possible for you to help your business reduce it’s carbon footprint.

To reduce paper costs:

Order online go to
This is your environmentally friendly way of helping reduce your paper usage .

Use recycled toners:

Not only are you helping the environment you are also reducing your office supplies costs by at least 30%. Depending on the printer range you have up to 50-60% differences between buying a genuine & a compatible toner.

Use Environmental recyclable and biodegradable copy paper

YES copy paper a responsible fibre by UPM label is a guarantee that the product meets demanding environmental and social responsibility criteria covering the whole life cycle of the product from forestry and sourcing to sustainable production
The product is made of renewable, recyclable and biodegrable material and it doesn’t contain any hazardous chemicals or harmful heavy metals.

Copy & Laser is a pefc-labeled A4 white paper produced from elemental chlorine free (ecf) renewable plantation fibers.
its environmental credentials include lei, iso14001 and in principles to international sustainable forestry management practices.

Buy ENVIRON FRIENDLY PRODUCTS, click on Office Products category online and then click on sub category Environ Friendly products to browse range to order.

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