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Go to My Account and navigate to My Machines. Use the “Search Machines/Printers” dropdown to select your printer. Click the “Add to my machines” button if you wish to save that machine to your favourites.

Yes, I will price up the item in question & load code , price & image to site for you to order. Or you may add the item you wish to order to your current order by typing in what you require to the add special items tab.

You click on My Account and navigate to Account Details to update your details.

Yes you can arrange to have your orders set up for authorisation . This is to be set up by Independent Office Solutions when your login userid & password are set up for you.

Yes you can arrange to have your orders set up for authorisation. The main account holder will have to create a sub-account and get in touch with Independent Office Solution to active the authorisation feature.

To create a sub-account, simply navigate to your account, go to the Multi Accounts tab and click on the “New multiaccount” button. Add the account details (make sure to tick the placer-order permission checkbox) and click “Create Multiaccount”.

Then, please contact us to activate the feature. We will need to know the sub-account username or email, the maximum order total and the email of the person in charge of approving the order.

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